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Following government’s advice on schools reopening,we will resume boot-camps on 11th January 2021 with all the safety measures implemented at school. The registration is open for all the available dates from the calendar. In case for some reasons or if situation changes you will not be able attend the selected cohort we will find a solution to move you to another starting date at your convenience.

Get our awesome curriculum

  • Intensive in-person hands-on training
  • Zero to hero in 13 weeks
  • Monday to Friday, 8:30 till 17:30
  • The course is taught in English
  • Scholarships are available
  • Indepedent projects to be done on weekends.

What you’ll learn

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, Flutter, React.js, React Native, Git, UX basics
  • How to build fast, modern, dynamic and responsive web apps
  • Server-side rendering to make you React apps SEO friendly
  • Building native mobile apps with React Native
  • Deployment of your apps for web and mobile
  • Best web development practices
  • Programming with JavaScript for front-end, back-end and mobile
  • React library, used by Facebook and Instagram
  • The only school that teaches back-end, front-end and native mobile apps development.
  • Using external APIs
  • Version control with Git and GitHub
  • Team and pair programming, programming logic, algorithmic approach

The outcomes

  • Get hired as a developer. 94% of our bootcamp graduates who finished the bootcamps successfully and were looking for a job got hired in first 1-3 months after the course. Become qualified for a junior developer position and land a job with one of our hiring partners.
  • A chance to work at Agency 254. The most creative developer in every cohort automatically qualifies to work with  Agency 254.
  • Start freelancing. Get the practical skills you need to start working remotely in the in-demand field of web/mobile development. A solid portfolio with your own completed apps and our personalised guidance on preparing for a new career.
  • Build your own apps. Got a great idea but not quite sure how to build it? Tackle the development yourself and acquire lifelong skills in the process. Once your project takes off, you will also be able to hire, test, and manage other coders.

Course Fee

Ksh 28,599 Introduction 

4 Weeks

Pass Mark 80%

Ksh 78,599 Pro 

9 Weeks

Pass Mark 80%

Inqury about the course