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Custom workshops and courses to upgrade your team

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset. In 2019, LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report showed that 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in helping them learn. Instead of going through the expensive and time consuming process of finding someone new why not up-skill your current employees. They already know your product, your company, the workflow, and most importantly fit into the culture.


At Agency 254 academy we have accumulated immense amount of knowledge and practical experience while hosting classes for private students. Now is the time we are ready to offer something for the corporate clients.Customized corporate training workshops and courses can help your employees to gain new skills, competences and knowledge which will help them to increase effectiveness of doing daily tasks or advance to some new level of responsibilities and abilities. We know how to use all the latest and most amazing tools and technologies and we can teach you!

Just let us know what areas you are interested in and we will create a unique custom workshop to address the challenges you are facing. We can host classes at yours or our facilities and choose English or Swahili languages.

Please give us a call at +254-718-546-247 or fill out the form below: