Get high-performance, native-like mobile apps built with Flutter on time and within your budget.


Flutter App Development Kenya

Cross-platform development

App maintenance and support

App migration services

One codebase, two mobile applications

Flutter is Google’s SDK that lets developers build cross-platform apps with a single codebase.

With this SDK, you get more for less. One Flutter developer will build a solution for two platforms (iOS and Android)


  • Development time
  • Costs
  • Lines of code
  • Number of developers

Validate your idea and build MVP faster

Using Flutter, we’ll help you reduce time to market releasing apps and their updates faster and bringing a native-like performance to end-users

Business benefits

  • Quicker time to market
  • Fewer resources spent to validate ideas
  • MVP development goes faster
  • Native-like app experience for users
  • Beautiful User Interface on any screen

Tech benefits

  • Impressive performance
  • Approximately 50% less time on testing
  • One codebase for iOS and Android apps
  • Support for Apple and Google design guidelines
  • Faster production of new features

One Flutter dev equals Two native devs

Optimize your team in an effective way

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