Top 5 Ways to Improve Facebook Campaigns in 2021

It was a very competitive year for digital marketing in 2020. Money and ideas fueled by technology crowded the internet. That is why it is critical to treat every month as if it will make your year if you want to beat the competition. Today we wanted to share the Top 5 Ways to Improve Facebook Campaigns in 2021 to start the year off right. As a top digital marketing firm in Nairobi Kenya, we have found these to be the quickest way to get more effective.

5 Ways to Improve Facebook Campaigns in 2020

  • Study the Big Brands – “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. ~ Sun Tzu”. It is important to know and study the enemy; in this case the big brands. What are they doing with their Facebook Campaigns? Why are they doing it? What about the advertising works and resonates with you as a customer? While you don’t have access to performance metrics, a lot can be gained from watching what bigger brands with large budgets are doing. That way you are in a position to copy successful trends and also know what you are competing against.
  • Use Engaging Stories – Emotional connections are a proven method for establishing a stronger bond with potential customers. Facebook and Instagram are both platforms that are perfect for videos and stories, which can engage and connect. Get real, get uncomfortable, and let the realness of your brand, its customers, and its employees shine. Customers sharing their stories and behind the scene stories about employees or owners are both great starting points.
  • Find the Funny – Humor is one of the best vehicles for creating online engagement. People like to laugh, love to share things they find funny, and even will check out suggestions from friends for funny videos and the like. That is why including humour in your Facebook Campaigns in 2021 is a must to stand out. Humour can be incorporated to make fun of your brand, products, or even common misconceptions by different age demographics about products and services. Plus, when you use humour to jump outside a normal demographic, you open the brand up to new audiences. When in doubt, target yourself with the jokes for the sympathetic punchline.
  • Try Relationship-Based Remarketing – Relationship-based remarketing is where a business uses existing relationships with virtually anyone (vendors, retail outlets, product sellers, production, etc.) and then utilizes those relationships for remarketing. The targeted ads include the relationship to help showcase brand authority and increase conversions.
  • Simplify All Processes – As the internet has gotten more complex and crowded, many consumers have shied away and yearned for simplicity. Accommodate them by ensuring your campaigns are streamlined and straightforward. Some of the most successful campaigns in the last year have been amazingly simple. For example, the Starbucks Rewards campaign was a 2-step process involving a total of 8 words and 2 emojis. “1. Join Starbucks Rewards. 2. Earn Stars. 3. Get free coffee.” That pitch is ridiculously straightforward and simple which is both refreshing and easy which makes it hard to turn down. Chipotle did the same thing with online orders. “Order Chipotle and you’ll get 10 points per $1 spent. Every time you hit 1250 points you get FREE Chipotle.” Keep it simple! Then make the signups so simple they don’t have to think about it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that each year it becomes harder to create engaging, effective campaigns month in and month out. These 5 Ways to Improve Facebook Campaigns in 2021 are all great ways to keep your concepts fresh and successful. As always, take the time to test each strategy to find out what works best for your audience before large-scale implementation.

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