6 Reasons Not To Make Your Website On Wix

If you’ve ever thought about creating your website for free , you’ve probably heard of Wix.

Wix is ​​a free web design platform that requires no technical knowledge. They themselves say that with Wix you can create a PROFESSIONAL LOOK website from scratch, for free and without knowing anything about programming.

If cheap is expensive, imagine free

We have nothing against designing a website with Wix, as long as it is NOT a website with serious and professional objectives , that is, for a good online business.

Every time clients come with a website designed in Wix, we have had to put our hands on our heads. I repeat, not because it is a bad platform, but because it  does not serve the purposes of web design and development of 90%  of those who end up using it.

If you want to design a website or a blog as a mere hobby, to express your opinions or to refer people from social networks to it, always without the intention of acquiring income, then Wix is ​​moderately well, for whoever likes it. But  if your intention is to create a real online business or have a professional presence on the Internet, we are sorry, it does not serve as a web development tool . As much as they advertise that ” PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE ” and that your website will be ” compatible with search engines .” What does that mean? That does not exist! Anything in the public domain on the internet is ” search engine friendly “ .

1. “Free”

It must be recognized that the templates used by Wix are not bad at all if we only take into account appearance, (I say “appearance” because, remember, “web design” is not a term that applies only to aesthetics). Even some designs that they offer are more than decent. You can really design a website in Wix that is quite “harmonious” visually. If that is your intention, because the objective of having a website is, for example, to show your portfolio or simply to have it so that those who are already your clients can use it as a reference or to acquire more information, etc., then Wix is ​​fine .

However, you have to take into account the first small drawback: if you want to have your own domain or eliminate advertising or purchase some more accommodation, be prepared to pay.

2. WIX domain or you pay

A website that represents a serious online business simply  CANNOT have a WIX domain .http://wix.com/agency254.com

it doesn’t seem serious. We recommend the following:


If you keep the Wix domain, sooner or later the hosting that Wix gives you for free will outnumber you and you’ll have to buy more.

3. Presence but not visibility or effectiveness.

They say it themselves: “ it allows you to easily create a professional online presence ”. From this phrase we highlight three words: easy , presence and professional .

Easy . Indeed, it is easy. We cannot deny it. The design is very easy, and I reiterate, if your goal is NOT to get customers, OR to rank in Google, and you don’t want to complicate yourself too much, Wix is ​​an acceptable option for an acceptable website.

Professional . The online presence, in effect, has a  professional APPEARANCE (not professional web design, which is something very different) . However, the actual performance of any website made on Wix is ​​poor compared to many other CMSs. And that deficiency is partly thanks to the fact that you cannot do SEO properly with this platform.

Presence . Wix allows you to design a website to have PRESENCE, not visibility. The presence is not that it is NOT a guarantee of efficiency, it is that it is TOTALLY USELESS if you also do not have VISIBILITY, which will be quite unlikely if you decide to design your website with Wix.

4. It is not SEO ready

Basically, what Wix allows you to do for SEO is add your title and description, which could be keywords. But  this and nothing is the same . It does not let you elaborate a little SEO in the articles of the store or in your posts individually. This is a huge drawback in a decent web design. It doesn’t even let you add the ‘alt’ title to the images, so they will be invisible to Google, which won’t read them unless they have this attribute. It cannot be configured internally for SEO and there are no efficient additional tools.

5. One Page / Multiple Pages

We talked before that the appearance (not the web design) of the templates in Wix is ​​quite good. However, if we go into detail, it is important to highlight the following: in reality when designing a website in Wix, you are designing a single page, with the appearance that there are several. This creates, for the user and through software, an “illusion” that it is turning pages but in reality it is the same. Wix works primarily in JavaScript. In this way, Google, (which only reads text and elements in HTML, not in JavaScript), is unable to interpret what this cluster of words and content is about in JS. If Google is unable to identify what the content of your website is about, do you think it will one day be able to position you well? I said,  Google skips everything that is not HTML. The same happens with web content that is made in Flash. You will never be able to read them.

It is for that reason that there is no option even to configure your SEO on each page separately, as I said in the previous reason, because in reality, it is a single page.

6. Loading speed

The previous reason, the JavaScript, is the reason why the loading of a website designed in Wix is ​​so extremely slow. A single page is loading at a time, not one after another. Loading speed is very important to Google because it gives it data on the user experience, essential in any web development project.

If a website takes more than 5 seconds to load (this is already too much, but it is average), then Google considers that it is not providing a quality service to its customers (users) and relegates the page to lower positions.


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