What Are Cookies And How Do They Work?

Over the last few years, the discourse around cookies has grown, due to the appearance of the AntiCookies law. However, taking into account that in the midst of all the commotion there are those who live in great confusion because they do not fully understand what cookies are about  and how they work, we will explain this matter below.

In the first instance, the name ” cookies ” comes from the computer term  Magic Cookies , which is assigned to information that is sent and returned in the same way in a request. Well, a website is made up of a wide variety of information packages that travel under the HTTP protocol ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ), which denotes the status of the user.

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Depending on the characteristics of the website, the statuses can vary in different types such as, for example, logged in, first visit or having products in the shopping cart, among many others. This information is received by the server and allows to offer a personalized experience to the user, while the administrator receives the browsing data (which the user has previously accessed) in order to  optimize the experience and other elements. In other words, cookies are made up of the union of a code (which gives it the name) and an associated value, and can be created, modified or eliminated from the server, thus guaranteeing the grouping of the specific information of each user and Also, an experience according to your interests.


Although the operation of cookies can become a slightly more complex issue,  roughly , we can summarize it in a simple exercise: The first time you visit a website, the server generates a new cookie (code and value) and assigns it to your IP. Then, when you return to the same website, the server searches its database for the cookie it generated for your IP and offers you the content that you are waiting to find, whether it is a session started, a product in your shopping cart, or any other element. In the event that the cookie has been deleted, the server will take your entry as a first visit and will create a new cookie to start the process again.


What are cookies for?

In the world of digital marketing, the use of cookies is fundamental, since it is from these that administrators can guarantee a better user experience while collecting useful information to promote sales.

For example, if the Internet user enters Mercadolibre.com and performs a series of searches to acquire a new cell phone, that information will be received and stored by the server. Now, thanks to cookies, when the user returns to surf the web, it is very likely that they will come across information related to cell phones. This can also be applied in social networks, information portals, etc.

It is worth mentioning that, taking into account the  modus operandi  of the web, we can find two different types of cookies; persistent and non-persistent cookies.

When we talk about  persistent cookies , we refer to those that have an expiration time or, if there is no such time, they are deleted once the browser is closed. On the other hand, we know as non-persistent cookies those that remain open despite the fact that the computer has been turned off, so that the user will find the content that concerns him even after several days.

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